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Best Sports Throw Blankets — Keep Warm & Cozy No Matter the Weather

How can you enjoy the big game being stuck outside in the cold, wondering if you’ll make it out with all your fingers and toes? You are probably we! But you can stay warm and comfortable by investing in one of the best sports throw blankets. Featuring your favorite NBA, NHL, MLB team logo is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

While a decent blanket will keep you warm, a great outdoor blanket will also be breathable, soft, and stylish and will last seasons. And we discovered these three all-sports throw blankets that will have you thrilled with the level of comfort while you watch the games.

We recommend stadium throw blankets, which are great for watching the game in the living room, ideal for storing in the back of the vehicle for tailgating. Or bring them directly inside the stadium for extra warmth in the winter. And, as a bonus, the whole throws are machine washable.

No Matter the Weather — These Northwest All Sports Throw Blankets Will Keep You Warm ON Game Days

They include a soft yet durable high double play Jacquard throw blanket, warm and stylish “Hard Knocks” Printed Fleece Blanket and a favorite “Fade Away” warm fleece throw Blanket.

We searched for high-quality outdoor sports blankets manufactured (where feasible) of high-quality fibers. At the same time, our choices are less expensive than other customized sports blankets available. We consider each of these picks—which you may use to cheer on your team day and night for many seasons.

Looking for high-quality sports throw blankets for outdoor? Here are our three affordable picks

All MLB Teams Double Play Jacquard Throw Blanket

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Why it’s fantastic: The All MLB Teams Double Play Jacquard Throw is a popular favorite for those looking for the warmest, coziest, and durable outdoor sports blanket available. 

We’ve been a fan of this Northwest throw for a while now due to its highly packable outdoor blankets that consistently get excellent ratings. However, the Double Play Jacquard outdoor blanket isn’t in comparison to the other two fan-favorite choices.

A Northwest Company blanket should be a must-have to anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors because of its portability and how snuggly it feels on your body.

This 48″ x 60″ throw has beautiful fringes on all four sides and is crafted from plush but durable High Bulk Acrylic. It’s simple to care for and maintains its fabric look even after repeated machine washing. Its stitched technique also allows for actual team color, making them an excellent gift for a die-hard fan!

All NBA Teams “Hard Knocks” Printed Fleece Throw Blanket

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Why it’s great: We think that the All NBA Teams “Hard Knocks” Printed Fleece Throw Blanket is ideal for NBA likes—it’s the coziest throw we suggest, plushly soft yet sturdy enough for children to knock around. It has a charming feel and is 50 inches by 60 inches is suitable for single-use or sharing.

It holds up well to heavy usage and multiple washes. It is quite a versatile item, and you may use it for a variety of purposes. It is the clear favorite among our selections, with over 2,942 worldwide 5-star reviews.

As far as the “Hard Knocks” Printed Fleece Throw Blanke goes, it is warm and elegant. It’s simple to fold and transport (e.g., tailgates, sports events, picnics, and more). 

As a result of the excellent reviews, we would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. “Come on. It’s never too early to begin building up positive energy for the upcoming NBA season.”

It’s ideal for stashing at the end of the sofa for a leisurely day watching television or asleep. The lovely light blanket looks fantastic and has been entirely fade-free after many washings. 

It’s thin, which means it wouldn’t hold up well as a winter blanket. Still, if you’re looking for a cool-looking light blanket to put out or even throw over the back of your furniture for decor, this is it.

All NHL Teams “Fade Away” Fleece Throw Blanket

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Why it’s fantastic: All NHL Teams’ “Fade Away” Fleece Throw Blanket felt unlike any other; it’s silky smooth and substantial, hugging the body better than different types. Unlike other polyester or woven blankets, the Northwest Company Throw Blanket conforms to the body’s shape like a flowing chunky sweater.

Its thick texture looks great draped over a sofa. The durable design will withstand many sports activities and road vacations. While it is not officially “fleece,” fabric has a very smooth, almost microfiber-like feel. “Perfect for those of us stuck in a 115-degree sand pile!”

Northwest Company throws are less expensive than most other brands. Still, you’re receiving 100 percent polyester throw blankets produced right here in the United States of America. It’s also available in a variety of beautiful designs, including All NHL Teams.

Breathable, sports blanket for outdoor like the Northwest Company makes versatile year-round throw blankets. Still, we’ve noticed that there are sold out around the holidays. So, grab yours soon!

How to Wash a Sports Throw Blanket and Keep it Soft

Before you unwillingly put your outdoor blanket in the laundry, take a few moments to learn about your blanket and how to care for it properly. Following the care label on your blanket is the best way to take care of it.

Check the Tag

Is there a care tag attached to your sports throw blanket? Most plush and fleece blankets will have a label at the bottom corner seam. Check the marker to see if any specific directions for cleaning the blanket.

If your blanket’s labeling specifies dry cleaning only, you may still be able to wash it at home. While reading the tag is essential, it also serves as a guideline for caring for the fabric.

NOTE: Blankets are a mix of acrylic, polyester, and cotton.


Because various materials shrink at different rates. if the blanket is dried at an excessively high temperature, it will shrink unevenly.

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