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Collector’s Guide to Buying Authentic Autographed Jersey

When it comes to buying autographed sports jerseys, the Internet has numerous options—too many. As a result, countless fraudulent memorabilia are being sold and, unfortunately, purchased every day. So how can you tell if sports memorabilia are genuine? —Collector’s Guide to Buying Authentic Autographed Jersey

But, before I go further with this authentically autographed Jersey buying guide, I’d like to introduce you to Ultimate stores for purchasing authentic sports memorabilia. In my short time checking what Sports Memorabilia Store and Hall of Fame Sports Memorabilia offers — I can safely say they live up to their names! 

The brands have a great selection of sports memorabilia that take me back to my favorite sports memories and time spent seeking autographs at games and browsing the Internet.

Sports Memorabilia Store and Hall of Fame Sports Memorabilia have a great process and excellent live presence. They are also quick at what they do and make it extremely enjoyable. I was very impressed?

You can grab this Sports Memorabilia Store unique gem, a Joe Burrow autographed Team Cincinnati Bengals Jersey, or this Randolph himself, Jamie Benn, signed this Dallas Stars jersey. This great-looking HOFSM autographed Devonta Smith College Football jersey is also available.

You can find the perfect sports memorabilia gift

Grab great sports autographed Memorabilia and much more. Check out the entire collection of the collectible signed jerseys.

Quick question? 

What do you do with your vast collections of jerseys?

Do you Display them? Wear them? I have them up on the wall in my workout room. I occasionally re-arrange them, put the crests all out, or all the names and numbers. 

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What’s the point in collecting jerseys at all?

Bottom Line. “Enjoyment. I like getting my jerseys autographed. Are they worthless or more? It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just something to have and enjoy”.

People buy sports memorabilia to commemorate great players, fantastic games, and excellent sports in general. Sports memorabilia is a significant business in the US, with an estimated yearly revenue of $1 billion. And a global market worth $370 billion in recent years, with over 200 million active collectors worldwide.

Back to my Autographed Jersey buying guide…

Collector’s Guide to Buying Authentic Autographed Jersey — Sport the Real or Fake.

Brandon Steiner, CEO of Steiner Sports, said in the 60 Minutes Sports program that collectors had a 35% chance of obtaining authentic signed sports memorabilia online. 

The world most valuable autographed sports memorabilia

The most sought-after items command exorbitant prices. The ’13 Rules of Basketball’ by James Naismith, penned in 1891 and signed by Naismith in 1931, was purchased for $4.3 million in 2010. And In 2000, the Babe Ruth bat (which was used to hit the first home run at the old Yankee Stadium) was sold for $1.265 million.

However, experts say several counterfeits on eBay and other online marketplaces for every genuine Babe Ruth-signed bat or ball. 

“Sadly, it’s an all-too-common crime,” former FBI agent Tim Fitzsimmons noted. “And there are a lot of naive individuals out there. There are many trusting souls out there.

In 2000, Fitzsimmons assisted in the takedown of a statewide counterfeiting organization that made millions primarily via the pen of a skilled forger using just blank balls, bats, and old pieces of paper.

Today, the former FBI agent thinks that around half of all vintage sports memorabilia on the market is fake. According to other analysts, the figure is closer to 80%.

With so many traps in the marketplace, how can collectors be assured that the autographed sports jersey they purchase is genuine?

For starters, collectors should limit their search for signed sports memorabilia to pieces that have been authenticated by one of the prominent third-party authentication companies. Another alternative is to purchase works that originated at reputable show producers’ signing events.

The ability to verify a signed jersey’s authenticity is essential for improving its worth. You can have your memorabilia examined by a third-party authentication service, such as James Spence Authentication (JSA) or Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), which will then offer you a Letter of Authenticity (LOA).

No third-party authentication service provider can ever be perfect. But PSA and JSA have vast collections of known genuine exemplars from which they evaluate authenticity. Furthermore, PSA and JSA are also widely considered the industry standard and the top choice of most auction houses.

Here are my tips to ensure the autograph is as authentic as it is fantastic.

The most effective approach to identify these phony sports collectibles is to hold them up to the light. If the signature on the images and posters lights up the same way as the image, it would be pre-printed. Authentic autographs are added afterward, and the ink often appears purple-grey when seen from the side of the picture.

More tips:
  • Turn it upside down. The most uncomplicated technique to compare signatures is to turn them upside down.
  • Take a careful look at the ink.
  • Be cautious of stamped signatures.
  • Keep an eye out for “robotic” tell-tale signals.

Here are my tips on collecting sports memorabilia.

Because sports memorabilia can be an excellent investment – provided you understand the game! Instead of randomly buying items from different athletes, try picking a theme to build a good collection.

Find honest sellers

When dealing with dealers, do not trust them if they withhold information from you. They should be open and transparent with you and should be willing to answer your questions. 

If they seem to be deceiving you, they very certainly are. If something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. Reason rather than emotionally–refrain from being swayed by emotions into purchasing an expensive item that “may” be genuine.

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