FOCO Women’s Static Rain Leggings


Price: $24.95 – $59.99

85% Polyester/15% Elastane

Brand: FOCO

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X Large 

Color: All NFL Team Color


Embrace your energetic Seattle Seahawks enthusiasm when you slip on these amazing Static Rain leggings. The FOCO static legging is a top-quality product from a reputable manufacturer with years of experience bringing such products to the market.  

FOCO has been a leading manufacturer of sports and entertainment merchandise since 1998. They boast a wide variety of leggings and other sports apparel, and this product is among the many that you can select from.    

The design includes an elastic waistband that stretches to accommodate people with different body types allowing them to be comfortable at all times. The expandable waistband is available for all the sizes that FOCO brings to the market. 

Sublimated graphics are part of the design that makes this unit stand out. It enhances the leggings’ aesthetic value, giving you a sense of style as you celebrate your favorite team.

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