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Get a Jump on Your 2022 Jewelry with Our Top Pendant Picks!

Jewelry trends come and go, but pendants have remained a classic staple in women’s and men’s fashion jewelry since their invention. 

The pendant’s prevalence can be attributed to its versatility in style, design, size, and price. They are the perfect gift for loved ones and an affordable way to accessorize any outfit! 

Choosing the right jewelry to fit your wardrobe can be difficult, but it becomes a lot simple when you know what to look for! Like the fashion trends of 2018, 2022’s jewelry will revolve around bold and colorful pieces. 

If you’re looking to add to your jewelry collection without breaking the bank, check out our list of some of the best pendants now!

NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish 14K Yellow Gold Charm Pendant 

Charm-Pendant-14K-Yellow-Gold-NCAA-University-Of-Notre-DameThis Irish 14K Yellow Gold Charm Pendant is an excellent choice for fans of Fighting Irish football. It’s big, bold, and dazzling—with detailed images of their team logo, school seal, and mascot—and can help you show your school spirit and dedication to your alma mater. 

The pendant is made from solid 14k gold that won’t tarnish or fade over time, making it sturdy and beautiful. This pendant also comes with an 18-inch chain, so you can wear it proudly, whether you’re out at work or just hanging out at home. 

If you love Notre Dame sports, then get them off to a good start in their collection with NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish 14K Yellow Gold Charm Pendant!

  • Big, bold, and dazzling pendant featuring detailed images of their team logo, school seal, and mascot 
  • Made from solid 14k gold that won’t tarnish or fade over time
  • It comes with an 18-inch chain so you can wear it proudly
  • Great gift for any fan of Fighting Irish football
  • Not available in stores

Aminco MLB Houston Astros Charm Bracelet

Aminco-MLB-Bracelet-Charmed-Houston-AstrosSo you’re a Houston Astros fan. You wake up every morning, look in your mirror and ask yourself what you’re going to do that day to help bring home another World Series Championship. How will you impact today? Will it be through dedication, hard work, communication, and trust? 

If so, we may have found just what you’ve been looking for: an Aminco MLB Houston Astros Charm Bracelet. It’s designed specifically for die-hard fans like yourself who can’t get enough of sports teams such as ours.

This team-spirited jewelry item comes in stainless steel to last for years and features your favorite baseball team’s logo on its charm. You can also personalize it to feature initials or names in interlocking, single, or multiple letters. 

This custom factor separates it from other bangle bracelets out there, making it uniquely yours and ready for you to show off at every game.

  • We like that it features an attractive design that matches our favorite games. It’s also crafted with stainless steel, ensuring that you won’t need to purchase another one for many years.
  • We like that it can be personalized to include our favorite baseball team’s logo and initials or names. This makes it uniquely your, which is something you would appreciate when it comes to jewelry items such as these.
  • It’s not available in any other team logo 


There are thousands of pendants to choose from, so how do you decide? Based on what you’re looking for in a pendant, it can be difficult to find exactly what will work best. 

From carat weight and clarity to cut and size, numerous factors go into choosing which bracelet or pendant is right for you. 

What’s more, because the color is such an important quality factor, different shapes reflect light differently—which means some may look brighter than others even if they’re not larger than others. We’re positive that these two-piece will make just a fine choice, but it all falls to your personal preference. 

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