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Increase Your Team Spirit with the Utilitarian Design Duffel Bags

Are you a sports lover or a gym freak? And if you are reading this, it’s the right time to level up your team spirit as well as your fitness game. You must have heard about the duffel bags, but won’t be aware of how many heavyweights it can lift. Your sneakers and gym tools can be easily stuffed into it which will lead to having less load on your work bag. 

People have different choices and tastes when it comes to buying sports accessories. Duffel bags are more common in boys as they need a gym bag. For anyone out there who needs a duffel bag, the bag must fulfill your needs. It should be waterproof, versatile, can pack more for like whole month stuff, and more of having a shoulder strap. A multitasking duffel gym bag is always important in organizing your important accessories and belongings when you’re out for the gym or any trip.

But what we have explained above are the requirements of those who want it for daily gym use or to travel. What about the sports lovers?  So, sports lovers we are glad to share this amazing and exciting review about the Sports Team Duffel Bags with Utilitarian designs which can accommodate several things in it. Most importantly, your favorite team logo is printed on the bags. Sounds exciting for the sports lover, right? 

Just go through this review where we have covered all the facts about these Sports Team duffel bags.

On our list, we have picked the three most demanding and multifunctional duffel bags which you won’t regret buying.

FOCO NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving #2 Core Duffel Bag

FOCO-NBA-Cleveland-Cavaliers-Kyrie-Irving-2-Core-Duffel-BagMade up of lightweight polyester material, FOCO NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving’s #2 Core Duffel Bag is the first pick. The fact that this duffel bag is made of 100% water-repellent polyester material is the main reason why so many preferred to have it as their gym bag or travel bag. It can hold in it so many things that you don’t need to have a separate bag for the remaining stuff. Although the availability of colors is less, it has only Velcro team color handle. Moreover, the dual side zipper compartment is the plus point that makes it easy to organize your accessories more comfortably. With the main strap, this masterpiece bag also has another optional cross bossy shoulder strap for easy handling of the bag. 

Now, sports lovers are more likely to get this duffel bag. The good news here is that being an official team licensed bag, there remain no doubts while purchasing it. Diehard sports fans and gym freaks can take it to the gym, at practice, or for traveling with them and can show spirit for their favorite team. 

Characteristics and features
  • It measures 20” × 12” × 10” and is lightweight.
  • With a wide entrance, it allows easy access to each corner of the bag making packing easy.
  • For easy handling, the optional cross-body shoulder strap would help.
  • The polyester material is water repellent keeping your clothes safe during rain.
  • Officially licensed 
  • Water repellent 
  • Lightweight 
  • Dual zipper compartments
  • Wide entrance
  • Affordable 
  • No color ranges 

The Northwest Company MLB Teams Wingman Duffel

The-Northwest-Company-MLB-Unisex-Wingman-DuffelKeeping in mind the outdoor expeditions, The Northwest Company MLB Teams Wingman Duffel Bag is designed. The Northwest Company has put a lot of effort into enhancing the details in this duffel bag. With the manufacturing of lots of bags by The Northwest Company, it is not compromising on the quality of them. As the years pass, they keep improving the quality of their bags. This particular MLB Teams Wingman Duffel bag is made with 100% polyester material. Perhaps the reason behind it being so lightweight is just because of the polyester material.

For the classic look, it is designed in a simple cylindrical shape. The side pockets play an important role in extra storage and ease of using them during traveling. While the wide interior allows reaching each and corner comfortably during packing. There is an interior mesh pocket as well where you can put your important stuff like any wire, thread, or plastic-related things. The shoulder strap makes it easy to handle while walking. Last but not least your favorite team logo is screen printed on the bag, so grab your bag and enjoy traveling.

Characteristics and features
  • Very lightweight and measures 24″ in length, 12 inches diameter, and 12 inches width.
  • The large main compartment can accommodate lots of things in it.
  • The material used in manufacturing is incredibly lightweight.
  • Lightweight 
  • Officially licensed 
  • Large size
  • Good quality material 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • One-color option
  • Spot clean only

Broad Bay NCAA Central Florida Golden Knights Duffel Bag

Large-UCF-Duffel-Bag-University-of-Central-Florida-Suitcase-or-Gym-Bag-for-Men-Or-HerWhen at first look you see the bag, it’s compact size and the team logo printed on it catches your eye. The compact size of the bag allows you to take it on any trip with ease and store as many accessories as you want for traveling. 

The Broad Bay company is working as a Cotton Company since 1989 which guarantees you its functional performance and satisfaction. On the other hand, this is the OFFICIAL NCAA University of Central Florida duffel bag which is perfect for the gym.

Coming on to the remarkable features of this duffel bag, you will be amazed by the space that this bag provides. When you open it, the double zippered main opening allows you to get easy access to the corners that makes packing stuff easier. The detachable padded shoulder strap makes it more convenient to use. With all these properties, it would be a good sports bag.

Characteristics and features
  • Each corner of the bag can be accessible because of the double zippered main opening.
  • Best for outdoor activities, travel, and hiking.
  • The large pockets at each end provide a lot more space.
  • The detachable padded shoulder straps are convenient.
  • Good quality 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 
  • Plenty of space
  • Double zippered
  • Quite expensive

Originally duffel bags were designed to make it possible for people to carry their travel accessories and gym gear from one place to another. Also, people use them for storing home stuff in moisture and dust-free place. But as their manufacturers are now more than before, that is why sports fanatics and travelers are more into buying them. For them, duffel bags are the go-to accessory that is capable of meeting their particular needs.

Sports fans from the US are more likely to buy sports accessories and a duffel bag is among those accessories. So, US sports fans this review is a complete guide for you. Now it’s up to you to take into consideration the factors such as size, price, purpose, and features of the bags and narrow down your list to one which fulfills your requirements completely.

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