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Show Your Team Spirit with Sports Bowls for Your Dogs

The best dog bowl for your dog’s daily mealtime can be found here. Keep in mind that there are different types of materials used to manufacture dogs bowls. These materials may be stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic. 

This post will discuss the top 3 sports bowls for dogs made of plastic or other material. It’s important to keep your dog’s size and bowl shape in mind. 

Also, you should know whether you want an elevated dog bowl or not. Most surprisingly, you can use these dog bowls for traveling, camping, as well as for daily use. 

The dog’s eating style should also be noted whether your dog is a fast eater, messy eater, or downright picky eater. Dog owners are responsible for checking their dogs’ food and water. 

For this purpose, you should choose high-quality and comfortable bowls for your furry friend to hold these fundamentals.

Sports bowls for dogs

There is a particular food for your dog, which is very important for its health. Dog bowls are used for different needs when it comes to how they eat. 

A wide range of bowls are available in the market, and if you want a sports bowl for your dog, then this is the perfect place to purchase. Make sure that you consider the material, size, and other extra features to promote happier, healthy, and well-fed pups.

Top 3 Sports Bowls for Dogs

Below, we will discuss the three most stylish sports bowls for dogs. These sports bowls for dogs come with excellent quality and longevity.

Product Name


Accommodate Food Upto


NCAA All Teams Feeding Bowls

Heavy-duty Plastic

3 cups of food

Several colors

Sporty K9 NBA Los Angeles Lakers Pet Bowl

Heavy-duty Plastic

7 cups of food

Yellow and purple

GameWear NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Pet Bowl


5 cups of food


NCAA All Teams Feeding Bowls

[media-credit name=”Sports Market History” width=300 align=”left”]DOG-BOWL-NCAA-Licensed-FEEDING-BOWL-FootballBasketball-Feeding-Watering-DOG-CATS-BOWL-Durable-SPORTS-PET-BOWLS-for-DOGS-CATS-2-Sizes-available-in-21-NCAA-TEAMS[/media-credit]NCAA All Teams Feeding Bowl is a cute addition for your loving dogs. The bowl comes up with a hollow space from the inside. It is specially designed in school colors with your favorite team logos. 

This is considered the best sports bowl for your dog that is dishwasher safe. Featuring rubber protectors on the base, it is constructed of high-quality plastic. 

Due to the presence of these rubber protectors, the bowl will not slide from one place to another when your dog is eating the food. Now you have a stylish sports bowl for your elegant dog that is officially NCAA licensed. 

It is a pretty big bowl, and dogs of any size can eat in this beautiful bowl. Even a 35-pound dog can eat a full cup of food in this particular bowl. It can hold 3 cups of food or water. 

Keep in mind that the height of this red color bowl is 2.5 inches, whereas its diameter is 6 inches. So it is a pretty big size bowl. Make sure that you are not using it for very hot foods. Do not microwave it, as you cannot put hot food in it. 

Characteristics and Features
  • Made up of heavy-duty, durable plastic
  • Comes with anti-skid rubber protectors on base
  • Officially, NCAA licensed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It can easily hold 3 cups of food
  • Specially designed in cool colors with favorite team logos
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Protect the floor from food and water spill
  • It cannot be used for very big dogs.

Sporty K9 NBA Los Angeles Lakers Pet Bowl

[media-credit name=”Sports Market History” width=300 align=”left”]Sporty-K9-NBA-Los-Angeles-Lakers-Pet-Bowl-Large[/media-credit]Now, the dogs do not eat in the old traditional dog bowls as they are not attractive. The dogs and pets also want stylish things that improve their lifestyles. 

If we talk about the Sporty K9 NBA Pet bowl, it is beautifully designed in yellow and purple colors. This beautiful bowl is made up of heavy-duty, durable plastic with an anti-skid rubber protector on the base. 

With the help of anti-skid rubber protectors, your pet will never create any kind of mess outside the bowl. So you do not have to clean it again and again after giving a meal. 

Make sure that you clean the bowl regularly as it is dishwasher safe. This is the perfect bowl where your pet will come and dine in style with the festive food. 

Not only the food, but your dog will also love to drink water in it. However, when it comes to plastic dog bowls, they are very stable where dogs can eat comfortably. 

Most surprisingly, the bowl will not move even more than one inch on a tiled floor, laminate, wooden floor, or carpet. It can hold 7 cups of food at one time; even a big dog can eat in this attractive gadget. 

Characteristics and Features
  • A beautiful sports dog bowl in yellow, purple, and white color
  • Made up of heavy-duty, durable plastic
  • Anti-skid rubber protector on the base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can hold 7 cups of food
  • A large size sports bowl for dog
  • Comes in beautiful, fun colors
  • Also suitable for puppies
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Not suitable for puppies.

GameWear NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Pet Bowl

[media-credit name=”Sports Market History” width=300 align=”left”]GameWear-NCAA-Georgia-Bulldogs-Classic-Football-Pet-Bowl[/media-credit]Now not only can you show the style of sports but also your little buddy. With the help of this GameWear NCAA Georgia Bulldogs Pet Bowl, your dog can also show style and show off his favorite team. 

Your pet can easily eat in this wonderful pet bowl. Remember that the bowl is officially licensed and can fit up to 5 cups. You can get your Bulldogs team logo on this melamine pet bowl. 

It is an imported brown bowl having a particular sports logo on it. It is a beautiful festive food and water bowl whatever you want to give your loving friend. It is made of high-quality melamine and prevents spills and damages. 

It is also dishwasher safe, where you can easily wash it with a detergent. It is normally a bright color pet bowl to which normally dogs are so much attracted and start eating their favorite food. 

Along with food, you can also give water to your little buddy after washing the bowl with detergent. Keep in mind that it is made up of healthy materials to keep your dog or other pets healthy all the time.

Characteristics and Features
  • Comes with a G logo of game wear
  • Made up of high-quality melamine material
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It can easily fit 5 cups
  • Imported
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • It can easily fit in small spaces.
  • Easy to clean
  • Made up of attractive colors
  • It may be a small size for very big dogs


How often should we clean the dog’s bowls?

We should wash the dog bowl after every meal. It is good from a hygienic point of view, and it needs to be washed regularly.

What is the best way to feed your dog?

It is necessary to feed your dog with a pure kibble diet. On the other side, you can also mix the diet with some raw meat, vegetables, fish, or cooked meat.

Will your dog eat more attractively after having the stylish bowl?

Yes, definitely after having the food in a stylish and colorful bowl, your dog will eat the meal more attractively.


Sports bowls are attractive pieces of attraction for dogs or other pets. Before deciding on buying the best bowls for dogs, you must consider your dog’s age, size, breed, as well as its eating style. 

You must also consider your routines and habits while living with your dog. Easy-going pets are more stylish and normally eat in these sports bowls. However, on the other side, eager eaters might want a slow feeder for a healthy boost. 

If your dog puts the mess outside the bowl area, you should go for the bowl with a rubber skid beneath it. The sports bowls for dogs are usually made to make your dog’s lifestyle more stylish.

Along with style, your dog also supports its team during a match. I have described the most stylish and fantastic sports bowls for dogs in this post. You can now choose one for your pet. I hope you will get enough information about pet bowls through this post. Till then, happy shopping.

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