The Ultimate Tailgate Game Set-Up

The NFL season is fast approaching, and having the perfect tailgate set up may be as gratifying as a team wins on game day. You know what it implies… Let the tailgate parties get ready to roll!

Bring your shade canopy, foldable and transportable seats, smart speaker, cool drinks and food to enjoy while listening to the pregame show. This always sparks discussion and creates excitement for the game’s start.

The perfect tailgate party setup relies a lot on the folks that you’re inviting over. For example, you’d host a different party for many of your pals than you would for your family were heading over. 

Planning, prepping, and a dash of imagination go a long way in making your tailgate experience unforgettable. See below for tips to take your rig from the scrub leagues to the major companies.

Bring Your A-Game with the Food

There are many pre-game tailgates set up that you may use before the games. Putting in a significant amount of preparation ahead before the game may improve your tailgating experience.

Once my vehicle is ready, we emphasize another vital element of tailgating: FOOD, which is a must-have in every game. These include chili prepared in the Cincinnati manner, burgers, hot dogs, brats, and pizza from your favorite neighborhood’s pizzeria. 

We like meal things that are simple to prepare in advance or are not too complicated to prepare once we get to the tailgate location. Additionally, you may offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

Place individually wrapped and divide the patties on wax paper to ease transport from the cooler to the grill. Speaking of burgers, you can also slice tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce for your toppings. Combine the ingredients on a prepared serving dish and wrap with plastic wrap.

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

We recommend putting up a drink cart for mixed drinks and separate coolers for each alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage for a tailgate at home. 

For instance, put beer in one, strong seltzer in another, water in another, and soda in a fourth. Label the coolers to make it simple for visitors to locate the items they’re searching for and reduce the times the cooler is opened because it loses its chill by a few degrees).

Tailgate Fun Games Set Up for the Entire Fam

Over the years, tailgating has not only inspired some delicious food. Tailgating games and activities are the new trends. Fortunately, there are plenty of tailgating games you can pluck from parking lots and set right in your garden.

From throwing a football to laddering a ball to start a round of corn hole, nothing beats a little physical competition to get the competitive juices going before game time.

I believe half the day’s fun is found in those moments. Additionally, you may bring cards, a frisbee, or any other outdoor leisure activity that your group likes.

Regardless of the tailgate setup or ritual, make an appointment to get your vehicle inspected by an auto care technician. Remember to enjoy your time with excellent folks and have a good time during the game.

You can keep a few techniques in your pocket when preparing your tailgate supplies. Carry a toolbox brimming with tailgate necessities. Include necessary items such as:

The Ultimate Tailgate Set Ups: The Must-Haves Gear for Your Game

A portable grill: if you want that authentic tailgate taste, charcoal is the way to go and more convenient. If you’re using charcoal, bring some lighter fluid and lighter or a match with you.

41jo6XVWO9L-1.jpgFold up and carry chairs. If you’re fortunate enough to have an actual tailgate set up, invest in a strong tailgate table (NFL 3-Piece Tailgate Kit All Team Options). This provides a smooth and stable work area. Using folding chairs that match your team’s colors earns you bonus points.

A cooler. Pack it up with dry ice for the coldest beverages and maintain a separate cooler with clean ice for drinks. 

Pack your grilling equipment, such as your NFL classic BBQ Grill Set, spatulas, and a barbecue brush. For a more secure conveyance, skewer two wine corks onto the points of any grilling forks.

Invest yourself in a solid, non-slip cutting board for tailgating. If you don’t want to prepare raw meat on the board, it should be OK with simple washing. However, invest in two sets of boards if you want to prepare meat.

Consider a shade canopy or pop-up tent for sunny locations. And ensure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats. 

Bring rain gear if you anticipate inclement weather. NFL, NHL, and NCAA hats, gloves, and clothes like sweatpants or socks may all assist you in making it past half-time.

Even the most meticulous chefs look better with a team apron–these also make excellent gameday & tailgating gifts. While you’re at it, pick up some disposable food prep gloves. And as well as disposable flatware and plates for easy clean-up. Simple cleaning is key since we don’t want to spend too much time picking up leftovers, garbage, used utensils, etc.

Includes all your cleaning supplies: paper towels, disinfectant wipes, wet naps, extra water, and trash bags for leftover food. 

To be safe, bring your first aid kit and a fire extinguisher with you.

If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional tailgate party at home, you’ll need more than grill smoke. Playing music outdoor is now far more accessible than it was before your preferred smart speaker.

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